Saturday, February 16, 2013

Book Review: The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian

Segment: Fiction - corporate crime thriller

Price: got a good deal at Rs. 170 from Homeshop18.

Verdict & Feel: A decent read, although similar to many books in this genre, with the story laden with love, jealousy, ambition, greed, infidelity, politics and murder. The story is about how global forces use politics, mafia & banking industry to serve their interests against India. The plot is set in today's setting and thus, good number of people should be able to relate to characters and events in the book like private banks, local politicians, targets at work, rivalry among colleagues, nuclear power plant (Yes, the story does has a nuclear power plant in controversy being build in southern India !!! strikes any bell ??? :) ). Story is nicely weaved around lives of people from different walks of life and countries, starting as isolated incidents in the beginning of the book and the dots start connecting in the later part of the book.

Irrespective of having several plots and numerous characters involved, Ravi has successfully narrated the story with little confusion even for a novice reader. Also, author has successfully personified ambition and greed in several characters who leave a lasting impression on the reader with some questions lingering for long about the state of our modern day civilization especially in cities and metros.

While, this kind of books are common by foreign authors (I am in India !!!), very few Indian authors have been able to make their mark in this kind of writing. Ravi can easily be rated good among the Indian authors in today's times. 

It will be a good read for people who have just started exploring this genre.

Writing Style:
- the language used is simple. Ravi has control over the narration and he easily manages to connect plots with little confusion or mistakes.
- Story has its ups and downs and suspense is unfolded till the last page of the book (literally!). But this is common in the books under this genre.

Time: Took me 2 weeks to complete the book as I was reading the book at my leisure along with few other books !!!

Other observations:
- These kind of fictions may be priced more reasonably like their foreign counterparts. !!! 

My Rating: 6/10

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